Gerd Krause

(Pronounced Gaird Krau-ze)

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Blah Blah Blahwg ThingyGerd21

June 19, 2017

Well I'm not sure what happened to the time. The website isn't shiny and new anymore, although it hasn't been used all that much. My life has taken a few detours. I guess that can happen. Anyways, I'm still pickin' and usually grinning. Hopefuly I'll be doing more of it out in the big world beyond my kitchen again soon.


Jan 28, 2014

WOOHOO!!! Here it finally is. My shiny new website. I'm still working out a few bugs, but it's more or less functioning for now. Definitely a huge improvement over the last one. I've been busy trying to get some recordings finished for a CD that I'm planning to release this spring. I'll be posting new samples on the music page every now and then. I'm also trying get some video content happening for the video page. But meanwhile, once again, WOOHOO!!! Shiny new website!